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Every journey invites risk, so the last thing you need to worry about is whether your wardrobe is up for the challenge.


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Cast your last ill-fitting outfit to the donation bin and shop our hand-picked sportsman gear.


Your anchor should be the only thing holding you down, not your clothing choices.


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Boardroom, boardshorts, and cheese and meat boards — anything but boring.


Lose the second-rate, poorly crafted tools you saw in an airplane magazine and avoid looking lost.


Every outdoorsman, CEO, and captain deserves a blade as sharp as their attire.

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Brands we sell


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Meet our Founder

Shane LeBlanc’s travels have taken him to the far reaches of the Earth on a quest to understand the meaning of being local. Born and Raised in Louisiana, Shane came up in a family rich in culture. As his journey unfolded, he realized the importance of being prepared for the unknown and began cultivating his kit. A wardrobe designed to weather the elements and help him fit in with the locals, wherever he went. soon, Shane’s encounters shifted and he went from being just another tourist… to being fairly local.  Now he shares his discoveries with any man who dares venture on the same path he has. outfitted to conquer the tallest tasks without compromising on looking your best, Shane’s personal collection of high-end menswear is the perfect fit for anyone seeking to connect with our planet on a deeper level.

Traveling is an opportunity to meet Interesting people, enjoy new cultures, and share your stories with the world. join shane on his travels as he shares everything from old-world charm to breathtaking sunsets.

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